Ellie and Lexi~Part I

July 7, 2013

On an early hot summer morning we met at Robert E. Lee Park for the first of two new portrait sessions. It had been nearly a year and a half since I had photographed Ellie, Lexi, and their parents. Seeing the girls go from little sleepy babies to active toddlers is pretty amazing. Gone are the days of laying them on a bed and simply snapping some photos. Now getting the shots means climbing up and especially crouching down on the ground. From the lower vantage points you can get clearer shots and better begin to see how they relate to the world around them. The park is a favorite destination for people to walk their dogs, so it gave the girls something extra to get excited about. Overall, the park is a very unique spot to capture some beautiful moments.

Stay tuned for photos from Part II in the coming weeks.